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Double Angle Milling Cutters - Double Angle in 45°, 60°, & 90° Included Angle

Click here to view High Speed Steel Double Angle Cutters with a shank.

Below are the specifications of our High Speed Steel Angle Cutters. Please choose the precise Angle Cutters that meets your tooling requirements. Click on the EDP number to view all the dimensions and detailed specifications.

Decimal DiameterFractional DiameterAngleArbor Hole DiameterNumber Of TeethWidthEDPPriceOrder
4.00004601 1/4203/4185524 $226.05
4.00004601 1/4201185532 $266.15
4.0000490°1 1/4201/2185616 $203.05
4.0000490°1 1/4203/4185624 $226.05
4.0000490°1 1/4201185632 $266.15
3.00003601201/2185508 $88.60
3.0000390°1201/2185608 $88.60
4.00004451 1/4201/2185416 $203.05
4.00004451 1/4203/4185424 $226.05
4.00004601 1/4201/2185516 $203.05
3.00003451201/2185408 $88.60

Can't find the High Speed Steel Angle Cutters you need?

If you cannot find the exact Angle Cutters you want to order online, we can build it specially for you. Just fill in this custom cutting tool form and fax back to Super Tool at 941-756-6480. We will let you know how we will supply the Angle Cutters you want to order. If you prefer to email it back to us fill out the Contact Us page and we will provide you with an email address to send it to.

Thank you for buying your High Speed Steel Tools at Super Tool, Inc..