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How long does it take to ship a standard tool that is in stock?

Standard tools that are in stock ship the same day until 1:00pm EST. Expedited orders, UPS Red or UPS Blue can be shipped until 4:00 pm EST. Super Tool ships Monday through Friday.

If I have a tooling need and the solution is not in the catalog, can Super Tool help me?

Yes! Super Tool can manufacture a wide variety of special tools to fit your needs. Just send or call us with a print or description and we will do our best to satisfy your need.

What is Super Tool’s return policy?

All standard tools returned within one year of purchase are not charged a restocking fee. Special tools cannot be returned for a refund or credit due to their unique nature.

What is the minimum order amount?

Super Tool has no minimum order requirement. Order as little or as much as you like.

Can Super Tool have tools coated for me?

Yes! Super Tool can coat most of the tools standard and special that it offers. The most common coatings are TiN, TiCN, AlTiN and TiAlN. Other coatings are also available. Call for pricing and delivery. Super Tool also stocks a number of coated tools.

Is it likely that Super Tool will have the item I need in stock?

Super Tool has 95% of its standard tools in the catalog in stock in one of its warehouses around the United States.

I need a tool ground down to a specific size. Can this be done without having to quote a special tool price?

In most cases yes. Super Tool keeps a large quantity of blanks on hand. Simply look on the page of the catalog with the tool you need under the “Decimal Size Range” heading. Find what range your size falls between and look to the right to find your price based on the quantity you need.

I need to ream several holes with diameters that are close in size to each other. Can I buy an expansion reamer and adjust it to each hole?

No! Expansion reamers are not adjustable reamers. The expansion screw should NEVER be loosened in an attempt to use the reamer for a size smaller than that to which the tool was originally finish ground. Expansion reamers are beneficial when the diameter wears down to the low limit. It can be expanded oversize, reground to size and re-cleared.

When is it best to use carbide tipped, solid carbide, and high speed steel?

High speed steel should be used for shorter runs of parts made of non-ferrous materials and applications where machining conditions restrict the use of harder, more brittle tool substrates. Solid Carbide is most cost effective to use in smaller tools up to about 3/8” diameter in longer production runs. Depending on the carbide grade, solid carbide can be used for both steel and non-ferrous applications. Carbide tipped tools should be used for long production runs. They are effective when cutting difficult to machine and abrasive materials. They offer the same cutting hardness as solid carbide tools. However, small diameter carbide tipped tools are not as rigid as solid carbide tools.

How much material should a reamer remove from an existing hole?

A reamer should remove 2-3% of the tool’s diameter.