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Super Tool - Carbide Tipped, Solid Carbide , High Speed Steel Tools Made in USA Florida E-commerce
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Solid Carbide Tools
  +  Solid Carbide Drills & Drill Bits
  +  Solid Carbide Metric Drill Bits
  +  Solid Carbide End Mills
  +  Solid Carbide Head Reamers
  +  Solid Carbide Keyseat Cutters
  +  Solid Carbide Reamers
Carbide Tipped Tools
  +  CNC Stub Reamers
  +  Angle Cutters
  +  Chamfer Cutter Tools
  +  Core Drills
  +  Metric Core Drills
  +  Countersinks
  +  Corner Rounding Cutters
  +  Counterbores
  +  Counterbore Pilots
  +  Double Angle Cutters
  +  Dovetails
  +  Carbide Tipped Drills
  +  Metric Drills & Drill Bits
  +  Carbide Tipped End Mills
  +  Keyseats
  +  Milling Cutters
  +  Port Contour Cutters
  +  Radius Cutters
  +  Reamers
  +  Reamers .0005 Increments
  +  SA Swiss Automatic Tools
  +  Semi-Finished Reamers
  +  Shell Mills
  +  Shell Reamers
  +  Shell Reamer Arbors
  +  Single Points
  +  Slitting Saw Blades
  +  T-Slots
High Speed Steel Tools
  +  Angle Cutters
  +  Chamfer Cutter Tools
  +  Double Angle Cutters
  +  Dovetails
  +  Keyseats
  +  Milling Cutters
  +  Slitting Saws
  +  T-Slots
  +  HSS Cobalt Drills
Super Tool - Carbide Tipped, High Speed Steel, Solid Carbide Tools Made in USA E-Commerce Florida

About This Super Cutting Tools Supplier

In 1927 Conrad Birgbauer founded Super Tool, a company that directly accelerated the nation’s electronics industry and helped pave the way for America to become an industrial giant. Birgbauer recognized the industry’s need for quality tooling that could perform well under the toughest manufacturing conditions. Consequently he used a new metal compound called “carbide” to produce metal power tools that would retain their cutting edge at tremendously high temperatures and perform well against extremely hard cutting surfaces.

In essence, super industrial power tools.

The first Super Tool customers were automotive firms, particularly Chrysler and Ford corporations, who required a reliable industrial tool equipment supply. Expansion led to more extensive tooling and the clientele list grew, adding Caterpillar Tractor and International Harvestor, helping Super Tool retain its leadership as the top industrial cutting tools supplier. Van Norman Industries purchased Super Tool in 1955 and initiated an aggressive research and development program, which resulted in a superior system of cutting technology designed to advance the miniaturization program of the electronics industry. A major breakthrough was the design and production of standard solid carbide miniature drills having diameters as low as .0065. Possibilities for industrial cutting tools grew and Super Tool expanded its product line to provide American industry with a wide selection of carbide cutting tools.
In 1962 Van Norman merged and became Universal American. The Super Tool marketing program was expanded to a nationwide basis. 1968 saw the takeover of Universal American by Gulf and Western, making Super Tool a division of G&W Manufacturing Industries until 1984 when Jim Lambert purchased the company in conjunction with Morse Cutting Tools. The main office and manufacturing facilities were located in Elk Rapids, Michigan.
In June of 1988, Super Tool was purchased by Dennis Lemkau. In 1991 the firm was purchase by its present owner and moved to Bradenton, Florida where its product line of top-quality industrial power tools was expanded and the manufacturing process refined.

Super Tool Remains an Industrial Power Player.

Today Super Tool manufactures solid carbide, carbide tipped, as well as high speed steel cutting tools, supplying the automotive, aerospace, and metalworking industries. The factory is over 10,000 square feet with 27 full time employees and 104 machines. There are now several warehouses around the United States to ensure the fastest deliveries possible. Super Tool is also an exporter of tools around the world. The catalog has over 10,000 line items with over 95% of the items in stock and on the shelf in finished or semi-finished form. The inventory of semi-finished tools can be ground down to a specified size in 1 week. That means a reliable industrial tools equipment supply for you. In addition to the standard tools in the catalog, Super Tool also manufactures special solid carbide, carbide tipped, and high speed steel tools to customers’ exact custom specifications.
All our power cutting tools are made in the USA and there is no minimum order.
Coatings are available for the tools, the most popular being TiCN, TiN, AlTiN, and TiAlN. Other coatings are available upon request.
Super Tool has a long tradition of manufacturing high quality precision cutting tools and at the same time offering competitive pricing, delivery, and outstanding customer service. These are the cornerstones on which Super Tool was founded and the cornerstones that will be its foundation in the future.
- super tool carbide tipped, solid carbide, high speed steel tools e-commerce made in usa florida

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super tool carbide tipped, solid carbide, high speed steel tools e-commerce made in usa florida